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Lindocat is a specialised brand from Laviosa, with a targeted range of products to meet all the hygiene and cleaning needs of small pets and their humans. It offers an extensive selection of high-quality mineral, silica gel and plant-based litters specifically for cats, birds and rodents.

The Laviosa Group

Laviosa is one of the world’s leading companies in the study, extraction, processing and sale of bentonite and other clay minerals. The Laviosa Group is dedicated to conservation and building a strong legacy: we have always taken the utmost care to protect the land we excavate, leaving it in a better state than we found it. For over 40 years, our Pet Care mission has been built around wellbeing and hygiene. We therefore offer a comprehensive range of natural products, which are born from our constant search for the best-performing and highest-quality materials.

Our mission: To keep our beloved best friends clean and healthy

Laviosa's philosophy

Since the company was founded in 1922, we have always relied on a strong management structure, ethics and values such as tradition, innovation, and respect for people and the environment. To date, four generations of Laviosa family have been raised on these values, which they have combined with their innate ambition, passion, courage and curiosity to make the Laviosa group an international success story. We believe in bringing people with different ideas, strengths and cultural backgrounds together to share their skills and knowledge, working in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Sustainability: our past, present and future

Laviosa’s approach has always been based on environmental and social sustainability. Mines are the beating heart of our work, and they must be treasured and fully restored after the excavation period.

Our commitment to the environment is constantly growing to encompass every stage of our production process: from extraction to drying in the sun, and from renewable energy in production facilities to reduced transport emissions, right through to products appearing on shop shelves.

Once our products are purchased, a new chapter begins: by making conscientious choices and staying informed, consumers can actually reduce their impact on the environment. Want to find out how?

The Laviosa brands

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